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uvex 9130150

uvex cosmoflex 9130


uvex cosmo-flex are comfortable temple spectacles with an outstanding fit. The integrated brow guards provide additional protection against particles from overhead when the wearer is looking down or working above head level. Large side shields are integrated into the temples. The temples are length adjustable in four positions, thus guaranteeing a perfect fit. 

Recommendations for use:
Grinding work, lathe and milling work, fine mechanical work, simple assembly work. 

Fulfilment of standards:
DIN EN 166-168, 170.DIN and CNS tested. 


uvex 9134150


Comfortable two-lens spectacles with excellent brow and cheek guards. Adjustable side pieces for individual 

adaptation to the wearer's head shape.

The anatomically shaped nose cushioning guarantees a secure and comfortable fit, even when worn for 

extended periods. The spectacles are very flat and will therefore fit nicely in a breast pocket.

Available as plain or prescription safety spectacles.