Disposable Earplugs

Bilsom Earplug

Bilsom 303 Earplug (uncorded)
Bilsom 304 Earplug(corded)


Patented polyurethane foam expands gently in the ear canal, reduces tendency to back out of the ear canal
  • Less expansion pressure creates a more comfortable seal, wears more comfortably than other foam earplugs over long periods of time
  • Smooth, soil-resistant skin prevents dirt build-up, promote proper hygiene
  • Tapered bullet-shape design easier to roll-down and insert, adapts more evenly to shape of the ear canal
  • SNR 33 ideal for medium/high noise environments


Howard Leight Earplug

MAX-1 (uncorded)
MAX-30 (corded)

  • The world’s most-used polyurethane foam earplug
  • Bell shape delivers maximum in-ear comfort
  • Contoured design easier to insert, resists tendency to back-out of ear canal
  • Polyurethane foam enhances comfort, especially for long-term wear
  • Smooth, soil-resistant closed cell-foam skin prevents dirt build-up
  • Bulk refills for Leight® Source 400 and Leight® Source 500 Earplug Dispensers save time, waste and space
  • NRR 33dB,SNR34dB。

E.A.R. Earplug

E.A.R. Earplug (uncoded)
E.A.R.Earplug (coded)

  • Easy kneading PU foam, low pressure ear canal, providing maximum comfort.
  • Anti-smooth surface dirt antimicrobial treatment, clean and sanitary.
  • NRR straight up to 32dB, NRR assessment index is sad voice impaired, NRR higher sound-effects as possible.
  • Can be used with the earmuffs and other kinds of personal protective equipment to use.
  • With corded  designed to prevent ear missing.
  • Conform ANSI S3. 19-1974、AU/NZS 1270:2002。

3M Earplug

3M-1100 Earplug (uncorded)
3M-1110 Earplug  (corded)

3M™ Ear Plugs, Disposable 1100 
3M(TM) foam ear plugs conform to the unique shape of each ear for excellent 
hearing protection and comfort.These soft foam ear plugs are tapered to 
comfortably fit the ear canal.Recommended for high noise situations 
(up to 100dBA TWA). Noise Reduction Rating: 29 dB. 

3M™ Ear Plugs, Disposable 1110 
soft, corded foam ear plugs that conform to the unique shape of each ear for 
excellent hearing protection and comfort. Features a cord for convenience 
and to prevent loss of ear plugs. Recommended for high noise situations 
(up to 100 dBA TWA). Noise Reduction Rating: 29 dB.

H.L. Earplug Dispenser

  • Product selection is made of hard plastic and durable, lightweight economy design, use more convenient. 
  • Products can be hung on the wall outside in addition to also be placed on the desktop.
  • Rotary knob earplugs assigned one-handed operation, easy to use. 
  • With disk access, you can prevent ear falling on the ground. 
  • You can add 400 for each ear.

  • Designed and manufactured using aluminum structure coated with color, suitable for long-term use. 
  • Can be fixed to the wall easy to use. 
  • Crank earplugs distribution design, simple to use. 
  • You can use each containing 500 boxes filled with earplugs.




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